Charles Dickens wrote and published his books in episodes.

Author Jane Colby is following in the master's footsteps by releasing ME - The New Plague 2 in episodes, free of charge. But don't get the idea that this book is fiction.

When the original ME - The New Plague (First and Best in Education 1996) went out of print, Jane promised her readers that she would write a new version. As books do, it took on a life of its own, becoming the subject of Twitter speculation, not to mention pleas to get on with it from her followers! It has metamorphosed into a literary call to respect the authentic voice of the ME patient, which we have seen denigrated, belittled and even vilified.

For the truth of this devastating disease surely lies with the ME patients themselves. And the truth is already known.

Are you sitting comfortably? Read Episode One : A BBC TV studio.

All episodes are copyright © Jane Colby 2013